For questions and comments regarding the Brunswick County School System Driver Education Program, please email:

Welcome to Benson Driving School!

We are looking forward to working with Brunswick County School System in providing Driver Education for its eligible students. As we currently in a transition period, we will be working over the Summer to reorganize the Driver’s Education program in Brunswick County. We thank you for your patience as we work to provide for the needs of everyone involved in a timely and professional manner.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may email us at or call us at 910-269-5508.

Helpful Information

Driver Education is made up of two stages:
Stage 1 or the Classroom Portion is made up of 30 hours of Classroom time.
Stage 2 or the Behind-the-Wheel Portion is made up of 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving time. This time is split into either three or four days, and is done with two students in the vehicle at a time.
Each student must be 14.5 years old to start the process, and must complete all of the class before getting their Level 1 permit in NC.

Current Backlog

Brunswick County School’s Driver Education program currently has a 6-7 month backlog for Behind-the-Wheel students. This is the most recent figure available from the school district.

Classroom Information

Currently there will be no classroom sessions held during the months of June and July. This information may change as we continue our assessment of the program. We understand that this will be different than in years past. However, the goal is to minimize or eliminate the backlog currently experienced by the Behind-the-Wheel students before adding on to the backlog with more classroom students. We anticipate by August 1 we will be posting a schedule of Classroom sessions at each high school.

If you signed up for a class that was cancelled in the month of June, we have your contact information that you used to fill out the form and will contact you when those classes become available. 

Behind-the-Wheel Information

Our team is working to implement scheduling procedures for the 200+ students waiting for Behind-the-Wheel Instruction. We will be calling students in the order in which they completed the class. Behind-the-Wheel instruction sessions will take place in sets of 3 4-hour days. 6 Hours of this will be actual driving time, and 6 Hours will be observation time, per NC guidelines. Students will be picked up and dropped off at the high school where they took the class. Appointments will go fast, as we are making an effort to effectively reduce the backlog. Please save our number above into your phone as we will be contacting parents with this number. Those who cannot make the appointments offered will be moved to the bottom of the list. If unexpected situation or an emergency arises, please contact our office as soon as possible to cancel the appointments.

This is the most crucial part of Driver’s Education!!! We cannot stress this enough. As North Carolina requires two students in the car at one time, remember that if you do not show up for an appointment, it not only affects the instructor’s schedule, but it also negatively affects the other family’s schedule, as well as your progress towards getting your Learner’s Permit.

For more information, please keep an eye on this page for any updates.

UPDATE: 6/1/2023

Benson Driving School is beginning to schedule Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for students. Students will be picked up and dropped off by the instructor at the high school they attend. The instructor will call the parent phone number used when the original registration occurred. If you have changed phone numbers or need to update, send us an email with the student name, parent name, and parent phone number.