Keith Kitcher

Instructor, Driving Confidence Coach

About Us

Meet the Instructor

     Hello, my name is Keith Kitcher. I am a happily married God-fearing man that’s been blessed with the most awesome wife and children.

    I was born and raised in California. After high school, I served in the U.S. Navy. In 1995, I followed my childhood dreams and began a career in Law Enforcement. During my career, I have served as a Drug Recognition Expert, K-9 Handler, Drug / Gang Task Force Officer, DUI Task Force Officer, School Resource Officer, and a Field Training Officer (training other police officers). For nine of those years, I served in the Traffic Enforcement Unit.

    During that time, I had a lot of good experiences. How could you not enjoy getting paid to ride a Harley-Davidson all day in the California sun? Unfortunately, I got to see some not so good times. These unfortunate incidences were typically the result of bad driving and poor decision-making.

    It was during these times, I decided that one day I would like to be a driving instructor in an effort to assist people of all ages to become better drivers.

Our Mission Statement

    In developing the curriculum for our school, we came up with the slogan “We Teach Beyond the Test”.

    This means we are not your typical driving school that teaches how to drive a straight line to the nearest DMV to pass a cookie cutter test. We take the time to help you understand how and why the vehicle works. We spend time teaching cone patterns and different maneuvers to assist in accident avoidance. We teach proper backing and parking, both parallel and perpendicular. These are areas where the majority of accidents occur. Yes, we also spend time driving on the interstate, highways, downtown Raleigh, and back country roads.

    Thank you for taking the time to research us and I look forward to serving your needs here at Benson Driving School.